Much more than just a cosmetics brand, Mémoires is resolutely committed to creating beauty that transcends the boundaries of time, while preserving the planet we share.

Our ecological approach, deeply rooted in our values, is expressed through a series of concrete actions aimed at minimizing our impact on the environment, without compromising the exceptional quality of our products.

These thoughtful, eco-responsible choices embody our deep commitment to the environment.
Join us in this adventure where beauty rhymes with ecological responsibility.

At Mémoires, every detail counts in our quest for lasting beauty.

Eco-responsible packaging

At Mémoires, packaging is not simply a container, but a statement of intent. After two years of research and collaboration with two French laboratories, we have created the packaging of our dreams. Our bottle, made from sugarcane, is an ecological feat: it is eco-responsible, recyclable, airless, refillable and compostable. By switching from glass to plant-based plastic, we’re reducing our carbon footprint while preserving the quality and protection of our creams.

Rechargeability and mono-materiality

Continuing our commitment, we have adopted the concept of rechargeability. Our monomaterial pouches, designed to be recycled when correctly sorted, offer an elegant and sustainable solution. By opting for this approach, we contribute to the reduction of plastic while facilitating the recycling process, thus helping to preserve our environment.

Careful selection

We have carefully selected ingredients that are unprocessed, of natural origin and, wherever possible, organic. This approach guarantees the exceptional quality of our product range, while respecting nature to the full.

Two-in-One Boxes

Our boxes embody the perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality. Designed as functional display objects, they are made from thick cardboard, which is not only recyclable but also reusable. By choosing recycled materials made in Europe, we demonstrate our commitment to responsible production, promoting the circularity of materials and reducing our ecological footprint.

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