Our history
Mémoires, a new Belgian cosmetics brand with birch sap

At Mémoires, we believe in authentic beauty, where each product is carefully designed to meet the needs of your skin, while honoring the natural essence of birch sap.

In the heart of the Hautes Fagnes, while he was still running his family business specializing in scientific phytotherapy, a difficult decision was forced upon his boss. We had to stop marketing Crème Royale, a unique cosmetic product containing royal jelly and ginseng. This composition, developed by a Brussels laboratory two decades earlier, no longer met the qualitative choices redefined by the teams. The decision was made to stop marketing the product.

However, once stocks were exhausted, inquiries from disappointed customers began to pour in. Urgent calls from these people, unable to understand why such a popular product had been abandoned, prompted the search for an alternative solution…

Mémoires, a new Belgian cosmetics brand based on birch sap, was born. We brought together a team of beauty experts with a common mission: to offer an alternative to demanding consumers faced with a complex and opaque world of mass consumption.

Rather than asking ourselves what we could add to make us stand out from the crowd, we took a different approach. Our aim was to define the essential while eliminating the superfluous. We’ve focused on what makes a quality skincare product: the purity of its ingredients. After three years of research and development, we have perfected an approach based on minimalist, natural formulations.

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Classic cosmetics are based on a water-logged composition
Mémoires goes a step further by eliminating ordinary water from its formula.

In the world of cosmetics, water often accounts for 70-80% of a product’s final weight, even for the most prestigious brands. However, at Mémoires, we have made the bold choice not to use filtered tap water. Instead, our designer has tapped into the nutritional power of spring birch sap (Betulla Pubescens), a rare and precious ingredient.

Imagine sap harvested for just three weeks in spring, in the unspoilt Finnish forests near the Arctic Circle. This delicate liquid, once considered the elixir of life by the ancient Vikings, is loaded with minerals and is a powerful natural detoxifier. Mémoires has captured this exceptional essence to create emulsions of incomparable quality.

The birch sap used in our formulas is meticulously filtered by the birch’s metabolism, then loaded with nutrients and beneficial hormones. It feeds every cell of the tree before reaching the leaves, thus participating in photosynthesis, which is crucial for nature, animals and humans. This sap of life becomes the essential differentiating element in the aqueous phase of Mémoires emulsions, offering a sensory experience and visible results from the very first application.

Join us in a new era of skincare, where nature’s exclusivity merges with scientific innovation. Choose Mémoires and experience beauty beyond expectations, inspired by the purity of unspoilt Nordic forests.

To the memory of our imperfections, which we accept in all their perfection.

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